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Efficient Micon Remote Controls for Easy Equipment Management

Accessories for communication and remote control.

Micon Software

  • CD software installation for remote management via PC.
  • For the series M10, M05 and M96 +

RS232 / 485 Converter

  • Converter RS232 to RS485
  • Only for series instruments prepared with RS232 output
  • IP65 plastic container

RS485 / 232 Converter

  • Converter RS485 to RS232, for connection to the serial port of the PC
  • IP65 plastic container
  • Power supply 230 Vac

GSM Modem

  • GSM Modem for instruments equipped with RS232 connection
  • Including cable modem / pc
  • 230 Vac power adaptor
  • Sim card not supplied


Download “Micon-Catalogue.pdf”

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