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Scarcity of quality drinking water is becoming more & more the topic of discussion in Africa. Water restrictions, outbreaks of water born illnesses such as cholera are common place in news headlines.

Both Water & Waste Water treatment plants are singly the most important infrastructural requirement of nations and communities, and are dependent on the design & the quality of the equipment installed.

Dosing pumps are the heart of these installations, providing the correct amount of water treatment chemicals for flocculation, coagulation, phosphate removal & disinfection. To maintain water quality it is imperative that the dosing pumps are both accurate & reliable.

PMPS offers such equipment from the manufacturers’ OBL & Chemilizer. OBL are manufacturers of motor driven dosing pumps with Chemilizer offering the alternative to electrical energy with their non electric water powered dosing pumps. Both types offer reliable & quality options for water treatment applications.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Chlorination
  • Ferric Chloride Dosing
  • Alum Dosing
  • pH Correction with acids and caustic
  • Lime Dosing
  • Activated Carbon Dosing
  • Polymer Preparation & Dosing
  • Phosphate Removal

Our Dosing Pumps and systems are divided into categories depending on the application requirement, although you can view and make your own selection it is important to contact PMPS to get technical advice prior to including in specification.


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