Packaged Metering & Pumping Solutions

PMPS offers a fully comprehensive range of pumps including metering pumps, dosing pumps and skid mounted pumping systems.

Dosing and Pumping Solutions

Our equipment offered and systems designed are used in all industries.

Industry Experts

As experts in the industry, we guarantee you the most streamlined, professional and technologically advanced metering and pumping solutions.

Packaged Metering & Pumping Solutions

About our company

PMPS offers an innovative and dynamic solution in the field of pumping applications and chemical dosing.

Who is PMPS

PMPS is a dynamic and innovative company, setting the standard in the field of chemical dosing and pumping applications.

We are a flexible company able to service both large and small companies and together develop solutions, in a competent and flexible manner.

We have carefully selected products from Europe and only offer products of high quality and reliability, always at the most competitive rates.

Dosing and Pumping Solutions

Our equipment offered and systems designed are used in all industries, be it dosing chlorine into drinking water, to transfering high viscous explosive media.

Industries serviced include:

Petrochemical | Water Treatment | Pharmaceutical | Food and and Beverage | Off-shore Oil & Gas | Agriculture | Paper and Pulp | and many more

In actual fact there are very few companies not requiring the use of chemicals in some manner. We offer a service from initial customer request to final handover and continued maintenance.

Dedication to Service

From the day we started offering and supplying solutions to industry, we have always focused on offering only the best service and continually strive to maintain our relationships with our customers.

Even though we have experienced growth in our company we have always made decisions for expansion based on maintaining the same level of support we were able to offer our very first client. We believe we can always do better, so what we learn on daily basis about changing customer expectations are implemented in as soon as possible to continually improve the customer experience and thereby maintain customer loyalty.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality & Price…not price only, is the foundation of our company philosophy. All products offered come with a standard 12 month guarantee, to safeguard the customer against manufacturing defects.

Our suppliers for which we are distributors, manufacture there products in accordance to ISO 9002 standards.

All equipment manufactured by us undergoes stringent testing and preference is for our customer to witness the operation in our factory prior to delivery.


Our Dosing Pumps and systems are divided into categories depending on your application requirement.


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