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The offshore industry has many sectors the harshest of all is on oil rigs. Equipment supplied to oil rigs has to be capable of withstanding the most aggressive environments imaginable with extreme conditions including high chloride level, humidity & adverse weather conditions. Also to include months away from maintenance trips to the shores, means that metering pumps installed, have to be of the highest quality where reliability is not even an option, but a necessity.

That is why OBL API675 Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering pumps are the best option when it comes to the quality price ratio that is expected in today’s technical economic climate.

Applications on Oil rigs include:

  • Methanol/Ethanol Injection
  • Condensate forwarding or re-injection
  • Glycol Injection
  • Abrasive Catalysts

To support our claim of being the market leader, we can name many outstanding and technically extremely demanding applications (environmentally and application-wise).

Our Dosing Pumps and systems are divided into categories depending on the application requirement, contact PMPS to get technical advice prior to including in specification.


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