SAMOA Air Motors – Efficiency and Innovation in Industrial Pumping

SAMOA Air Motors

Discover the efficiency and precision of SAMOA Air Motors in demanding industrial settings. SAMOA’s extensive range includes Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps and Remote-Control pumps, designed with advanced monitoring features, low maintenance requirements, and precise control options. Experience unmatched performance, enhanced efficiency, and flexible applications with SAMOA pumps.

Frictionless Pivoting Valve:

Frictionless Pivoting Valve:

Enjoy superior performance with SAMOA’s innovative air valve design, surpassing traditional spool valves. Benefit from smooth and efficient pumping without compromising reliability.

Reduced Air Consumption:

Reduced Air Consumption:

Conserve energy costs and alleviate strain on the power grid with SAMOA’s air motors, consuming 30% less air. Achieve significant savings in your operations while contributing to a greener environment.



SAMOA’s single-piece air motors are built to last without wear or the need for lubrication. Experience hassle-free and maintenance-free pumping, without concerns about o-rings or seals.

Compatibility and Reliability

Compatibility and Reliability:

Trust in SAMOA pumps that are compatible with major pump brands such as Sandpiper, Wilden, ARO, and more. Enjoy reliable performance even at low pressures, making SAMOA pumps a preferred choice for your industrial needs.

Watch these videos to explore the efficiency and functionality of SAMOA Air Motors

Samoa UP20:

Discover the main features, working principles, and internal components of SAMOA’s AODD pump. Witness the power of this innovative technology.

Samoa UP30:

Experience the versatility and reliability of our SAMOSA’s motors. Learn about the features, working principles, and materials used in the UP30 model

See the energy savings you can achieve with SAMOA’s UP20 Air Motors compared to other pumps



Consumes approximately 33% less compressed air compared to an equivalent Graco 2″ pump.



Enjoy approximately 35% less compressed air consumption compared to an equivalent Yamada NDP-50 pump.



Save approximately 23% on compressed air consumption compared to an equivalent Wilden 2″ pump.



Consumes approximately 20% less compressed air compared to an equivalent Sandpiper S20 pump.

Additional Information

  • Air Flow Rate: For every liter per minute of fluid pumped, Samoa pumps require approximately 6 Nl/min of compressed air, ensuring efficient operation and optimal performance.
  • Potential Wear Reduction: Lower air requirements in SAMOA’s pumps offer the potential for reduced wear on parts, leading to longer-lasting performance and cost savings.
  • Compatibility and Dimensions: SAMOA’s pumps feature compatible dimensions and positions, making integration with existing pumps in the market seamless.

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SAMOA Air Motors

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