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In chemical industry processes more and more diaphragm metering pumps are being used due to the demand for new products and more efficient and environmentally friendly processes. Processes are also getting more complex. From Microdosing to high volume dosing OBL offers the solution. OBL supplies API 675 compliant metering pumps in line with accepted world standards for these processes. When it comes to API 675 compliant metering pumps, it is important not to be misled by companies claiming that these are old standards. API 675 is the benchmark for accuracy, reliability and operational safety.

Hermetical tight pump heads, with high pressure and/or high temperature ranges together with low operational costs, safeguard the production of chemical products in every respect. In high pressure processes where critical, i. e. environmentally hazardous, toxic or explosive fluids and suspensions must be reliably conveyed or metered, OBL provides the best quality/price ratio for process diaphragm pumps.

As a globally successful partner for metering pumps and process diaphragm pumps in the petrochemical industry many years ago already, OBL has developed low-maintenance, robust pump heads and drive units, which have proven themselves at all imaginable locations worldwide.

Applications include:

  • Microdising for products such as DMDS and anti-scalents
  • Petrol & diesel additives
  • Ammonia dosing
  • Acid & Caustic Dosing
  • Hydrazine dosing

Our Dosing Pumps and systems are divided into categories depending on the application requirement, please contact PMPS to get technical advice prior to including in specification.


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