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Gas Chlorination Systems for Safe Water Disinfection

PMPS designs, manufactures and installs custom built gas chlorination’s system for both 68kg & 1tons cylinder installations.

The Gas Feed System is a family of vacuum operated, solution-feed gas dispensing components including:

  • A vacuum regulator,
  • A flow meter assembly,
  • A selection of ejectors to meet customer needs for feeding chlorine, sulphur dioxide, ammonia or carbon dioxide gas.

The vacuum regulator is a versatile, high quality system which operates at sonic conditions eliminating the need for regulating differential pressure across the rate control valve. Proven design, rugged construction, and the use of the best available materials assures precise gas feeding, low maintenance and dependable operation for the life of the equipment.

The vacuum regulator mounts directly on a 68kg. cylinder, a ton container, or on the wall. When ton container or wall mounted a liquid trap and heater are provided to prevent liquified gas from reaching the regulator.

As required for the application, one meter assembly may be integrally mounted and a second remotely mounted in series.

Only one control valve (manual or automatic) may be installed in the system. The meter assemblies are designed to permit ganging multiple meters for wall mounting to multiple feed points.

Several ejector choices are available and can be used for general applications. These incorporate an O-ring and diaphragm type check valve. For more demanding applications – for on/off service, anti-siphon and high back pressure, up to 200 psig (1380 kPa), the EJ17 ejector can be used.

For applications requiring uninterrupted gas feed a built-in automatic changeover function is provided in every vacuum regulator. All that is required is two vacuum regulators. No separate changeover module or valve is required, but for complex vacuum changeover systems the Series NXT 3000 vacuum regulators can be used with the Capital Controls series of automatic vacuum switch-over modules.

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